Две редки монети от XIII - XIV век от фонда на РИМ - Стара Загора


  • Красимир Кръстев Шуменски университет „Епископ Константин Преславски"
  • Мариана Минкова Регионален исторически музей - Стара Загора


Gold florin;, King Louis I (1342 - 1382), Seljuq dirham;, Kaykhusraw II (1237-1246)


In general, there are few Seljuk coins found on the territory of present Bulgaria and only isolated specimens are published. The paper aims at publishing of two rare coins preserved at the depository of the Regional Museum of History in Stara Zagora - a Seljuq dirham of the Sultanate of Rum issued by the mint in Konya during the reign of Kaykhusraw II (1237-1246) and a gold florin, issued by the mints in the Kingdom of Hungary during the reign of King Louis I (1342 - 1382).




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Кръстев, К. and Минкова, М. (2023) “Две редки монети от XIII - XIV век от фонда на РИМ - Стара Загора”, Numismatics, Sigillography and Epigraphy | Нумизматика, сфрагистика и епиграфика, 18, pp. 141–146. Available at: https://publications.naim.bg/index.php/NSE/article/view/318 (Accessed: 25 June 2024).



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