Български средновековни монети от Кокалянски Урвич


  • Филип Петрунов Национален археологически институт с музей - Българска академия на науките


The name Kokalyanski Urvich is mentioned by Paisiy Hilendrski in his Istoriya Slavyanobolgarskaya in association with the events of the late 14th century. The purpose for this publication are coins discovered in 2008-2020 archaeological excavations of the fortress and the 300 years since the birth of the first Bulgarian historian who established the foundations of the Bulgarian Revival. In this report, coins of two Bulgarian kings enter scientific circulation. Among these are five silver and one copper coin of Tsar Ivan Alexander and one silver and one copper of Tsar Ivan Sratsimir.




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Петрунов, Ф. (2023) “Български средновековни монети от Кокалянски Урвич”, Numismatics, Sigillography and Epigraphy | Нумизматика, сфрагистика и епиграфика, 18, pp. 147–153. Available at: https://publications.naim.bg/index.php/NSE/article/view/319 (Accessed: 1 March 2024).



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