Съкровище от римски монети от с. Светлен, Поповско

Treasure of Roman coins from Svetlen village, Popovo region


  • Miroslava Dotkova National Archaeological Institute with Museum, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, 2 Saborna Str, 1000 Sofia


Roman coin hoard, barbarian invasions, 3rd c.


The work presented here constitutes a hoard of Roman coins discovered by accident in 1950 in the village of Svetlen, Popovo region, Northeastern Bulgaria. The hoard consists of 29 coins – 17 of them are silver and 12 are bronze. The earliest coins in the hoard come from the reign of emperor Septimius Severus (193 – 211) and the latest ones are dated to the reign of Gordian III (238 – 244). The hoard of Svetlen can be related to the group of coin finds buried in the mid-3rd century in Moesia Inferior under the threat of barbaric invasions.




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Dotkova, M. (2023) “Съкровище от римски монети от с. Светлен, Поповско: Treasure of Roman coins from Svetlen village, Popovo region”, Numismatics, Sigillography and Epigraphy | Нумизматика, сфрагистика и епиграфика, 19, pp. 19–31. Available at: https://publications.naim.bg/index.php/NSE/article/view/386 (Accessed: 23 April 2024).



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