The flint assemblage from Orlovets–Erendzhika


  • Maria Gurova National Institute of Archaeology and Museum, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences



Chalcolithic, flint assemblage, raw material, in/off-house, technotypological features, use-wear analysis


The studied flint assemblage from the Chalcolithic site of Orlovets-Erendzhika, in spite of the modest number of pieces, exhibits interesting techno-typological and functional traits and highlights the issue of in- vs. off-house signatures. The paper focuses on this aspect and offers a detailed description of the artefacts found inside and outside of three burnt dwelling structures. The methods applied include: raw material macro-petrographic discrimination without description provided in the text; techno-typological description, use-wear analysis and comparative observations which lead to some more general considerations.
The tables summarise the general structure of the assemblage, and the frequency of typological tools by categories and utilisation, and the frequency of worked material in relation to artefact categories for both intra- and extra-dwelling contexts. Accordingly, intriguing observations are made on several points relating to whether there was an intentional approach and selection of raw material and typological features of the artefacts involved in household activities and whether the opposition between intra- vs extra-dwelling contexts finds some rational explanation.




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Gurova, M. (2021). The flint assemblage from Orlovets–Erendzhika. Studia Praehistorica, 15, 207–217.